Tuesday, July 23, 2013

No excuses.... no looking back..... just going to post.

It is said that with good friends, you can simply pick up where you left off and go from there. No questions, no excuses, no regrets, no worries, no guilt.   Well that is how I am feeling about my blog, I am just going to pick up and go forward, no should have, could have, or would haves.  (well maybe just a tiny bit of guilt - but I can deal with that).  It is time to sit down with a good cup of java and write on.
This morning while sipping my coffee I was truly moved to tears for the 3rd blog entry in a row, by this....

It is so worth the time to read...


Who says that ONE person or ONE group can not change the world?  It is possible, and it is happening in one of the reportedly worst neighbourhoods in Canada.  Listen to your heart.  How are YOU going to change the world? (How am I? - Know that anytime I ask those sorts of questions I ask them of myself too.)

ONE amazing story. ONE woman following her passion .  ONE Down Town East Side (DTES) resident's world has been changed FOREVER.  ONE daughter many, many, many kilometers away has had her world changed too.  Kristi - the blog writer touches the deep corners of my very core and rises to the surface memories of days gone by.

This story resonates with me deeply and I am transported back.... 

ONE day many, many, many days gone by.
ONE little girl sits on her dad's knee looking at family photos. 
ONE finger pointed
ONE face she did not recognize.
ONE question; WHO is that?
ONE Father struggling with an answer
ONE old wound opened
ONE  journey that led to the DTES
ONE long lost father reunited with his son
ONE grandfather meets 2 of his granddaughters for the first time
ONE meal shared
ONE memory made
ONE old wound starts to heal....   ONE is a good place to start!

There is power in ONE! So much power. . . . I know that it did for my grandpa, for my dad, for me!  For Cindy, and it can for YOU too!

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