Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Standing in the gap.

Every one of us gets through the tough times
because somebody is there,
standing in the gap to close it for us.
Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine
Oprah is a wise woman, how true this is. I have felt this in a very real way over the past week. Thank you to each of you who have stood in the gap, brought food, offered prayers and loved us through the past few weeks. God is good! His peace is amazing.
Surgery went well, the Dr. was pleased and expects no further complications. This is all great news. Now I just have to take it easy so I can heal. Something that is not the easiest for me to do, sit back do nothing or very little, be careful of what I lift....etc. I must say that I have watched a few movies and read a few books and created a few mini albums, cards and assorted other pieces of art and quite enjoyed it. (And felt no guilt!) I am very cautious, not wanting to split stitches or cause complications that can be avoided. I feel good and am healing well. One day at a time! Patients and trust... both good lessons to learn.