Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the making...

It is not very often that we get to see world changing history being made, those events that make you stand up and take notice and think THIS IS a historical event. . . In my lifetime I can think of a few such events:

Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope and the ripple effect that had on cancer research. A legacy that still thrives today around the world.

The fall of the Berlin Wall all that represented for Germany, European countries and the world. I remember being glued to the TV watching as people climbed the wall tossing bricks swinging sledge hammers... thinking, WOW who would have thought...

The untimely death of Princess Diana - how it changed the face of the monarchy. That night the world was in shock!

I certainly know there are more, peace treaties being signed, wars being fought and ended, people in every country trying to make a difference. Every day history is made, by people making choices to change them selves, alcoholics that stop drinking, kids getting off the street, children being adopted... everyday the world changes hopefully for the better one decision at a time, one person at a time.

I am not a huge follower of politics of any kind. It is not that I do not care, mostly I do not understand, my creative mind gets lost in the heady stuff. I do know the importance of and exercise my right to vote. I have rarely missed an opportunity to do so since I came of age. I usually feel that my little single vote will not make or break the outcome, but if I do not vote what right do I have to comment or discuss the outcome. I have to make the effort to make an educated vote based on what I feel would be the best thing for the municipality, province or country depending...

I do however know that tonight in the US history was made. I was impressed with the turn out at the poles, long streams of people waiting to vote. Standing in line WAITING - wow we do not see that in Canada, or at least I have never seen that.... the passion of the people to be part of a history changing event in their country was inspiring.

I see the HUGENESS of the Obama win tonight. Tonight Obama's win as the first African American President will have a huge impact on the world. Dreams have been realized, and many more are being made. I imagine somewhere there is a young black girl thinking... Wow if HE could do it then so can I! Maybe I will be the first African American FEMALE president of the USA. Young boys are thinking of all kinds of things that they could do. How cool is that. Dreams are being made all over the world by young people, hope is being offered to all. Dream big kids! They do come true - you CAN change the world.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

3rd times a charm...

Every survival kit should include a sense of humor.
~Author Unknown
Or in our house every first aid kit..... because if we did not laugh I am sure that this week I would have gone crazy!

Today at 6:15pm the couch jumped out just as I was walking by and snapped my baby toe to an unsightly angle. OUCH! We pulled the peas out of the freezer and wrapped up the foot and hobbled to the car. Our destination: The local Emergency Room. This is our 3rd journey to an ER in less than a week. 3 trips, 3 reasons, 3 people.

3 photo's of my toe, confirmed what I already knew, the toe was broken. A toe can not possibly be at a 60 degree angle and not be broken. A less than 5 minute consult with the very young doctor one tug and a little pain the toe was buddy taped to her neighbour and we were sent hobbling on our way. In and out, and home inside of 2 hours. Not too bad if I do say so my self.

So just as I was beginning to re-gain some "NORMAL" in life, here we are. I am back to no driving for a bit, T3's are now my friend again and I have to rest for a day or 2. If you do not laugh you would go crazy! I think I may have to redefine "NORMAL"

I said that this was trip 3....

Trip 2 resulted in a 2.5 hour visit, 8$ in parking, an x-ray of one thumb and a plaster splint for Shanna. Who says she "fractured a ligament" when in fact she pulled a ligament and fractured the bone. She just got it a little muddled.

Trip one 5 hours, extensive blood work, ultra sound, 18$ in parking and a diagnosis... just the same old thing... Teryn's IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) was acting up. It is not an odd thing for Teryn and I to spend time in the ER, however you begin to wonder if you are there too many times when the Doc comes in and says..."hmm, I remember seeing you before"

Despite the fact that we have spent so many hours in various ER's this week I am thankful that we have the ER to go to. We are fortunate, we are privileged to have such service provided for us. Sure waits are long at times, but think about how many people in this world do not have that privileged, who may never actually have the chance to see a doctor let alone have an x-ray taken or blood work done. I do not mind waiting knowing that my family will receive the care they need. Perspective is a great thing!

I wonder what experiences this week will have us laughing. Let's just hope we can leave the first aid kit packed.