Monday, December 27, 2010

Wishing I could do more....

I LOVE roller coasters. I have been on too many to count.  I have loved them from the first time I rode the Dragon Coaster at Playland I think I was 5 maybe 6, waving grandparents watching from the sidelines, all smiles, camera ready. Ever since, the roller coaster is my favourite, be they, steel, wooden, small, large, hilly, inverted, fast, slow, outside, inside, strapped in by the shoulders or just a simple bar, I love them all.  The faster the better.  All provide some thrill, excitement and lots of laughter.  To say I have met a Roller Coaster I do not like would be an understatement, however this roller coaster called life sometimes leaves little to be desired.

True, it is full of ups and downs, thrills and laughter, however, sometimes you feel like you are strapped in by the shoulder and others, well,  you feel like you are holding on for dear life with little restraint at all.  Sometimes it just feels like the dips are too deep, the turns are too quick and just when you think you are coming into a smooth patch, you are jerked along again dipping and speeding .... with little response time. Sometimes you just want to stand by the side, camera ready, wave and smile.  To just have a different perspective, a rest, a chance to catch your breath if you will.... Deep breath... a deep deep breath. 

I am feeling a little like that right now, not so much my own life but that of friends,  I want to help, to be able to reach out and offer a steady hand, or a platform in which they can stand on just to catch their breath.  Sadly distance prevents that from happening, I offer support from a distance and that is good, BUT it is not the same as a shoulder to cry on or a hug, or the simple silence of a friend who is just there. 
Prayer, a connection of faith, is the only thing outside of words that I can offer, and offer them I do, to the point of tears, wishing, praying hoping things today will be different.  Hoping beyond hope that they will have a chance to come up for air, to breath in deeply.  I wish I could do more but do not know where to start without stepping on toes and getting in the way.  So I pray - trust that they will call when they know what they need, KNOWING that we will be there at the drop of a hat to do what is needed.