Sunday, April 8, 2007

Fun and other things.

I have made a new discovery - Facebook - and I must admit I feel like a bit of an "old lady" but none the less it is fun - It is like an address book with email and photo albums all in one place. A fun way to keep in touch. Also a great way to find old friends from school or clubs, random meetings etc. It is the place to "hang" if you are the high school to 20 something crowd (so not me but.....)and I guess for us "old ladies" too. A 20 something Friend at church once told me I was a cool old lady when she was introducing me to a friend of hers from school. At first I thought, man who is she calling old... I guess I am that - however for the record I am so NOT old! My grandmother was old (87)! I guess at 20 something I thought 42 was old, I hope not, but probably did considering that is double their life experience! I guess that is my lot in life these days - to be the "Cool Old Lady" (Thanks L.L.!)I guess it could be so much worse!