Monday, May 2, 2011

I love living where we live...

For the most part, I love living where we live, especially at this time of year.  As the weather changes, and the cherry blossom trees are displaying their skirts of pink my neighbours start to come out of hibernation.   Reconnecting with those we share walls and driveways with is one sure sign that spring has sprung. 

We laugh often in our house, that the car that goes in and out of the drive way the most lives at the far end.  We also have the oldest kids,  meaning they are no longer of the age where they play "in the middle of the road" most of our neighbours have kids under the age of 10 so on any given day there can be almost a dozen kids out there "playing in the middle of the street"  - They are like little robots when they see the big red van coming.. Jumping up, moving hockey nets, bikes, sidewalk chalk, sprinklers (well not quite yet), scooters, balls to name a few.  Toys moved they stand aside and wave smiles on their faces, usually, and heave a sigh when I go past and they can pull out their toys once again.   The funny thing is when it is one of those drop off pick up turn around sort of days, when just as the nets are back in place here I come from the other end, I do not seem to get as many smiles and waves then.  Hmm wonder why?

The parents joke that I should send my household schedule out at the beginning of the week so they can schedule the times their kids are out in the street.  LOL  - it is all in good fun.  Wonder what they will be saying this summer when we add 2 more drivers to the mix.  The saving grace there will be that despite the fact their may be 4 drivers we still only have one vehicle. 

All in a day's fun here.