Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do you hear what I hear

What I hear when I just sit and listen....

Languages I do not understand

Car horns

Children playing in the streets

Babies crying

Doves cooing

Goats or sheep blatting

Donkey's braying

Cows mooing

Roosters & chickens

My dear friend chatting.... Oh how I love having the chance to be at her house having a chance to visit, to hear her world. To share breakfast on her screen porch and just simply listen.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A strange thing happened on the way to London.... they lost a terminal. Wel,l I guess they did not loose it, but demolished it instead... the terminal I had listed for my flight to Morocco, is no where to be found. So the question is now where to go? Thanks to the very helpful Heathrow volunteer I found where I was supposed to go only to find that I can not check in untill 3 hours before my flight, which is 6 hours from now.

The other thing I noticed that flights do not get assigned a gate until 2 hours before a flight. I am told this is a security procedure. Makes sense I am guessing, cuts down on bad things happening to big planes... less time to plan, that works for me.

So here I sit... watching people, listening to babies cry and wondering where the other 2 gals who will be on the flight to Morocco are. Given lack of gate number I guess we will not be getting to know each other in the 6 hours of waiting.... So goes the adventure.

I am here in London safe and sound. So it's all good.
Oh and on a side note the people watching is great... so is my chex mix!

P.S. I did eventually meet up with the other 3 gals that shared the flight to Morrocco. 2 by random walk by, the third had smartly plunked her self down in a coffee shop, knowing that in all likely hood others would opt for food at some point.