Monday, December 13, 2010

I think often....

about blogging, I have ideas constantly running amok in my head.  Sometimes I even start to write and do not finish. Or I start with just a title in hopes I will return to put the thoughts down.  Sigh... what is it that they say about the road of good intentions....  Oh, I just went to look for that quote not sure I like it now, however maybe there is humor in it....
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

Good thing I am pretty clear on how to avoid the road to hell.  That however is a post for a different time.  Earlier today I was looking at my list of posts since I started blogging and realized that I have a lengthy list of "drafts"  posts started but not returned to... it was actually quite entertaining to read so I thought hmm, what a great thing to just list here, just in case I need inspiration in the future.
Here it goes:

I confess...
Breaking the Chains
What a difference a day makes
Time to breathe
What a week
Down to the Crunch
One week away
Life with 3 teenage girls
Dates, changes & life in general
One day you blink & so much time has passed
There are times when
This is my life
We are all just one decision away from Stupid

There you have it my list of good intentions. When I read the list I have to confess, some I have no clue what was running through my brain, on others I thought .. Oh shoot that would have been great, and yet on others I really do need to go and revisit and actually put the thoughts down. 

Oh and then there is the one rolling around in my head right now, it needs photos, and I have to get those onto the computer then it will get written
"What's His is more MINE than mine is......" 
So for today I sign off, and I will not walk the road to hell, I will blog the above mentioned story VERY soon!