Monday, June 29, 2009

Back on the wagon...

I updated my Facebook status a few days ago to say I was back on the blogging wagon, so I guess I better stay true to my word.

I confess I am a total blog surfer, and though I have lots of ideas of what to post, I do not get to it as often as I need to. This past year as I have been recovering, resting and following doctors orders I admit I have been very entertained by reading blogs. Much cheaper than a trip to the local book store, you can find pretty much anything you want, travel, recipes, self help, support, creativity, inspiration, humor it is all there. There are blogs that I visit regularly, those of family, friends and business associates, creative souls & even strangers. I look forward to updates and posts, and feel disconnected when they go for long periods of time without doing so. I enjoy seeing photos, reading snippets of their lives. Yet I go for weeks and months without posting - how unfair of me.

Today while surfing, another phenomenon hit me... how is it that someone living 1000's of miles away, we have met, but doubt they would remember me writes something that mirrors my own thoughts so clearly. Things that I have been thinking, but yet have not voiced, for fear that if I put them out there I would have to be accountable. Yikes. That is what happened this morning while surfing and stopping here at Cathy Z's blog. Scary! Yup sitting on the couch following doctors orders has taken it's tole, and it is one that will take allot of hard work to work off. As soon as I have the o.k. I will be doing something to shake the chub! In the very short mean time, it shakes on me! Yuck!

I have asked myself why I blog, simply put, I like to write, always have. I have countless journals filled with bits and snip its of my life, thoughts on God, the world around me, quotes, clippings from the news paper. Blogging is simply and extension of the journals I keep. There are days I prefer pen and paper, others that I like to sit and type (which can happen faster than writing for me). I think that deep inside all of us is the desire to know that we were on this earth for a purpose, and that it will be remembered. Much the same way as scrapbooking records snip its of life, so can blogging. Who reads? I'm not sure, I know there are a few that check in every once in awhile, do I have a following, nope, do I think I ever will - who knows. Would I like to, sure, easier than having a book published. However if I can connect with someone, encourage or just make them smile that's great, if it is simply providing a place where family comes to get an update on the 5 of us then great. I will be here and I will be writing simply because I enjoy the process.