Sunday, April 1, 2007

Stop spinning world - I want a vacation...

We are only 4 months into the year and already I feel like I have lived the whole thing. So many things have been happening. The spinning and buzzing here and there - and it is not things I really have any control over. Sickness, surgery, recovery, death... these are the things one can not control - but that when they happen can be all consuming. I am ready for a serious break! Not just a Sunday afternoon nap! Then on the other hand, maybe if life would be back to normal it would be o.k. But then what is NORMAL! And have I ever been normal? As a teen my mom gave me a button that I wore every day for years that read "Why be normal" then it was a statement of individuality, and a great conversation starter. I do not know how many "what is normal" conversations I have had in my life time. What is considered NORMAL for me would not be your normal. . . this is what makes our world interesting..

Just so I do not get questions re the death reference above.....
My Grandmother (Mom's mom) passed away this past Friday after complications from a broken hip and pneumonia - that and 87 years of living. I have been very reflective of late. Grandma and I were not close, we had VERY different views on life - there are still a great many things that I learned from her, from observing her and her view of life...

One person can truly change the world, even if it is just the little corner that we call home. That change can be either positive - embracing the world around us, enjoying people and places, or negative - shutting out the world and living in quiet solitude. May I influence my world in a positive way!

There is power in keeping secrets - however secrets usually become public information at some point and all power is lost. There is also sorrow in keeping secrets that really need to be told to yourself. Robbing yourself of the joy of seeing others celebrate.

Stubbornness is a family trait - the strength in which I know I have inherited - however I hope I realize that there is a time and a place to dig in my heels. And a time and a place to give in and meet 1/2 way (there is strength and power in knowing when and where)

Honesty is the best policy - it leaves the doors open for communication and closes them to speculation and second guessing. Honestly the truth as steerage as it may be is far less harmful than lies and the stories others think up on their own. Trust me on this one! Truth is stranger that fiction (hmm, who said that first? I think it would be a great title for a book.)

A vacation would be nice, hmm so would a spa treatment. In the meantime I will indulge in a bubble bath and a good book. (which is a mini vacation - it is all in the attitude!)