Thursday, March 29, 2007


This is a small world we live in. And technology and such make it seem smaller each day. Think about it for a minute:

My best friend is working as a Missionary in Niger - one of the larger countries in West Africa - If this were 10 years ago it would have taken a minimum of 2 weeks to get a letter to her and another 2 weeks min to receive one in return. In this the year 2007 we can send and receive email almost instantly - man if our timing is right we can even send 2 or 3 and get answers back the same day. Amazing (not to mention a huge blessing)

At work a while back I was talking to a gal in the warehouse about summer vacations and what we might be doing... She mentioned that she may be going to visit relatives in Windermere - hmm, I say my best friends parents live in Invermere in a home that looks out over the lake. It is beautiful and I love it there. We joke about how oh they probably know each other - I say well I think everyone in Invermere knows Dan the appliance repair man - Sure enough they not only know each other they curl together. Small world.

A scrapbooker that I have had the privilege of having in my store a few years ago in - Ali Edwards is doing an amazing job of interconnecting the scrapbooking world with Autism research and fundraising - her Six Degrees Badge is currently sitting at #1 - if it remains there through to the end of March her chosen charity Autism Speaks will receive an additional 10K in a personal donation from Kevin Bacon (Footloose fame & Six Degrees founder) at this present time she has raised over 30K. I would LOVE to see her be the #1 bage at the end of the month. Not to mention that Kevin Bacon was on the Ellen show recently talking about his website and said " there is this woman in Oregon who has raised 20K for Autism" That is pretty cool! Interconnecting for sure!

The best interconnecting for me personally that has happened in the last little while is finding out that my mom who was raised as a single child is one of 11. Over the past few months and weeks we have had the privilege of meeting a nephew and one of the surviving siblings. All of this from a simple post on my part at a genealogy website and a cousin that happened to be checking the board a few months later. Puzzle pieces fitting together!

Have you ever met someone new while you are away from home and they say oh I know someone who lives in Vancouver do you know Bob.... well... Have you ever tried to see if you know someone who knows the someone they know (whew that was a confusing sentance)? They say it can be done in 6 steps if you take time to figure it out.

If you sit and think about it long enough we are all inter connected! Interconnections are something that are simply just there! And I think that is pretty cool.

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Nichole said...

Wow! That's amazing about your mom!!!!! My goodness! How exciting! The whole interconnecting thing keeps happening to me on a more minor scale with the Facebook website. I'm finding friends that I haven't seen since elementary school that happen to know my friends from university or other places. Just the other day I got a message: "You know Evan?! How do YOU know him?!" :-)