Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sucessfull swimsuit shopping.... and no babies!

I think that one of the worst things to do, and I know that many women agree, is the task of finding a new swimsuit. Every time a new one is needed I dread it. This year was no exception, and I looked and looked here in town and found nothing - now granted I did not go to the cruise ware or specialty swimsuit stores, that was not in the budget for this year. I just needed something that would cover and be reasonably comfortable (an oxymoron I realize!), and be in the budget, not a huge problem - or so I thought as I set out. Sure there are LOTS of suits on the racks, however once you rule out the 4 racks of mix & match 2 piece numbers with string closures- OBVIOUSLY! Then there are ones that are cut so high in the leg that they come up to your armpits - OUT!. Fabric that is too thin, or even single layer, OUT! Tummy control is a nice option - but hard to find on a suit that does not look like an old iron maiden girdle that my grandmother used to wear (A sorry fashion era for sure!) There is really very little left - well actually there were still a great many styles, just not the size I required! (Must be every women in the lower-mainland that shares my size beat me to the racks this year!) I can not recall how many suits I tried on, lets just say it was LOTS! Some that the girls just rolled their eyes, or shook their heads - a good sign I am about to make a fashion faux pax! (Thank you girls!) All that said I left for holidays with the suit from last year that was o.k. but a little snug in the bust.... so swim with a T-shirt on..... workable but not the best option as far as ease of swimming.
Fast forward Shushwap day two... or was it 3 no matter, a trip into Chase is needed to pick up a suit Mary had ordered for one of her girls. I decide to go along. We are in Feilds - there is no Feilds close to home - and there is one very SMALL rack of suits, I flip through thinking will not find one here.... however I find 5 to try on - amazing! One that if it does not work Mary says, hey I will try that on if you do not take it... It is a Tankini - I am thinking just give it to her, and cut your losses.... The tankini style as a general rule never fit correctly because I have a longer than average back/ waist ! No I decide to try all of them on. Of the 5 - THEY ALL FIT! Now i have a choice to make, as I only really need 1. Black one too boring, Lime and orange one, too bright etc... Brown one not on SALE. I am now down to 2 - a blue one piece and the tankini... both will serve the purpose, both are on sale for the same price. I LIKE both of them, the little voice inside my head is saying just buy both.... my practical side kicks in and says if you buy one you can buy the little skirt you also saw and the t-shirt. That won out - I bought the Tankini because the size label said M - total pshycological choice - I do not remember the last time I bought anything in a M! happy dance..... So for the price of the swimsuit at regular price $69.00 I bought a Skirt, T-shirt and the bathing suit and still saved 20.00 - Successful shopping day! Happy Happy Happy!
We get back to the house, I get ready to go to the beach, my new suit is on and I start to think, it really does fit well, I love the colour etc. It is a bit odd that it is a M as I read the tag more closely just to check.... It certainly says "M" but not for MEDIUM - "M" stands for MATERNITY!!!!! What the heck I just bought a Maternity swimsuit... no wonder the top was extra long...... Good thing I can laugh at myself - because that tops the cake for funny here these days! And No that is NOT a back handed way of making an announcement (That would so NOT be funny!!!) So just to be perfectly clear there are no little ones being added to the Hilstad clan! Moral of the story - if the suit fits wear it! Then laugh.
I still think I got a good suit and a great deal. The bonus I have a funny story to tell to go along with it!


Nichole said...

ahahahahahaha! That made my day!

Naomi Balzer said...

Oh Di....I am sitting here laughing my head have such a way with words!!!! I love this story and I know you look fabulous in the suit!!!! ~Naomi