Sunday, November 2, 2008

3rd times a charm...

Every survival kit should include a sense of humor.
~Author Unknown
Or in our house every first aid kit..... because if we did not laugh I am sure that this week I would have gone crazy!

Today at 6:15pm the couch jumped out just as I was walking by and snapped my baby toe to an unsightly angle. OUCH! We pulled the peas out of the freezer and wrapped up the foot and hobbled to the car. Our destination: The local Emergency Room. This is our 3rd journey to an ER in less than a week. 3 trips, 3 reasons, 3 people.

3 photo's of my toe, confirmed what I already knew, the toe was broken. A toe can not possibly be at a 60 degree angle and not be broken. A less than 5 minute consult with the very young doctor one tug and a little pain the toe was buddy taped to her neighbour and we were sent hobbling on our way. In and out, and home inside of 2 hours. Not too bad if I do say so my self.

So just as I was beginning to re-gain some "NORMAL" in life, here we are. I am back to no driving for a bit, T3's are now my friend again and I have to rest for a day or 2. If you do not laugh you would go crazy! I think I may have to redefine "NORMAL"

I said that this was trip 3....

Trip 2 resulted in a 2.5 hour visit, 8$ in parking, an x-ray of one thumb and a plaster splint for Shanna. Who says she "fractured a ligament" when in fact she pulled a ligament and fractured the bone. She just got it a little muddled.

Trip one 5 hours, extensive blood work, ultra sound, 18$ in parking and a diagnosis... just the same old thing... Teryn's IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) was acting up. It is not an odd thing for Teryn and I to spend time in the ER, however you begin to wonder if you are there too many times when the Doc comes in and says..."hmm, I remember seeing you before"

Despite the fact that we have spent so many hours in various ER's this week I am thankful that we have the ER to go to. We are fortunate, we are privileged to have such service provided for us. Sure waits are long at times, but think about how many people in this world do not have that privileged, who may never actually have the chance to see a doctor let alone have an x-ray taken or blood work done. I do not mind waiting knowing that my family will receive the care they need. Perspective is a great thing!

I wonder what experiences this week will have us laughing. Let's just hope we can leave the first aid kit packed.


Jensboys said...

OUCH!!!! OUCH !!!! and again, OUCH!!!!

Sending prayers for some peace and quiet and GOOD meds at your house!

Di said...

Thank you... It feels much better today. Thankfully there were some t'3s from surgery. All will be normal in a few days. (what ever that is!)

Nichole said...

Great seeing you today! I hope your toe feels better!

Candy said...

A long long time ago when I was a young mother with sons at home, we made many trips to the emergency room. Most of them for son # 2. At one visit, the doctor said to my son 'You know Ryan you are a nice young boy and I like seeing you, but you don't have to cut yourself or break a bone to visit me' :o) That was Christmas Eve 1979 and the result was 15 stitches in his forhead!

I hope your toe is healing quickly and things get back to normal soon with you and your daughters.

Saying that I realize I have no idea what normal is - do you???