Saturday, January 3, 2009

O.K. It is time to get serrious.. but this first..

As a teen I wore a pin that read "Why Be Normal" many of my friends from that era remember it and have commented even years later. The pin I should wear now would read "Define Normal". I think that normal only exists in the dictionary, and if we were each to define it outside of that context the definition would be totally different each time. Normal for one is not normal for another.

That being said... I am pretty sure that this is not NORMAL anywhere but it is right now in my house! We are currently pet sitting! We have in our possession my sister's cat Manuelle - great cat, easy to have in the house, affectionate, cute, quiet, does not scratch the furniture or pee where he is not supposed to, great cat (and an easy house guest!) HOWEVER this cat washes his paws after he uses the litter box..... no joke. Monday night I dropped my sister and nephew at the airport, way too early in the morning, and since then I have noticed wet areas in the bathroom around the toilet. Now we do not have young boys in the house, the girls 9 times out of 10 will use the other bathroom, my husband is well trained and this has never happened before.

It was a mystery - very strange. Then today I figured it out.... though I have yet to catch Manuelle in the act, he uses the litter box, then hops up on the rim of the toilet and dips his paws in. Too weird! How did I figure this out... today there were traces of kitty litter in the toilet, and yesterday I noticed that Manny's paws were wet, being confined to the house I thought it was from his water bowl (but his muzzle was not wet!) At first I thought that he was drinking from the toilet, a common thing for cats to do. Nope not this cat, he is washing his paws. Who would have thunk it! Go figure - this is NORMAL in my house right now, at least for a few more days.

I think 2009 is going to be another crazy year! Time to hold on and put your head back the ride is just beginning!

Also not so normal for this time of year is the SNOW!!!! It just keeps coming. I have Dorie from "Finding Nemo" in my brain singing .... Just keeps snowing, just keeps snowing.... WOW! They say we have not had snow like this in our area since 1964! The year I was born - hmm maybe that is why it fascinates me, I love it! Even still after how many days now -It is beautiful, it is fun, it is quiet, and for us today it helps to make it feel more like Christmas. We are celebrating today with Royd's side of the family... Christmas round one was postponed due to Snow. Hmm looking out side right now I am thinking that maybe it will be postponed again until Easter. I am ready for who ever shows up when they get here. Snow or no snow, but I say bring on the snow!


Natasha said...

Thinking about you...praying for you...

Jensboys said...

OK well ... its about time for an update :)!!!