Monday, June 1, 2009

Long overdue!

This post is overdue
Far too much time has passed since I was last here ready to type!
The much talked about
Transit / photo adventure was long overdue.
What is a Transit / Photo adventure you ask?

Well it all started a few years ago at Remember Me with a conversation, between Nichole, Natasha & myself, wondering how far you could travel in one day on a public transit pass. The idea, get an all day transit pass (which by the way is quite affordable at $9.00 for 24 hours.) and go.... just see where or how far you can get. Nichole and Natasha decided that they were going to do it... just get on the sky train or bus and go... see where the road lead, one day!

The conversation evolved into me making a list of photo challenges to meet along the way. A way to make the day more interesting. Which eventually led to, not just writing the list but being included in the adventure. One day arrived this Saturday.
The first ever Transit Photo adventure.....

Saturday May 31, 2009

After lots of... We should really do this
We need to make this happen
It is a really good idea
(I think a few travels to far away may have happened)

Who: Di, Nic and Nat

Where: Lougheed Sky train Station
When: 7:30 am
(Right Nichole? You did say 7:30AM??? that was YOUR idea???)

Back packs packed, camera's ready, snacks packed, water & we are ready to go.
Well except that Nichole was not there! (oops, crazy alarm) She would eventually catch up around 10:30am.... still in plenty of time for lots of fun and adventuring
So begins the adventure
2 girls
2 back packs
5 photo taking devices
1 tri-pod
2 full day transit passes
1 list of 50 photo challenges
(one phone call from Nic, to join up later)

And we were off....

The goal.. to travel via public transportation and take photos...
I am happy to say that all goals were met!
49 of the 50 photo challenges were met.
I am sure that between the 3 of us we took a few hundred photos!

We rode the Sky train, Sea Bus (well 2 of us made that) Bus, Aqua bus, Stanley park Train (o.k not part of the public transit system, but still a fun mode of transportation and Nic could not recall being on it before so we HAD to do that!) and lots of walking. The weather was great, a tad bit warm in the middle of the day, resulting in a bit of sun burn. All in all it was a fabulous day, even the "dip" in the fountain! (yup I sort of fell in.. slipped. Must say that it was very refreshing on a hot day!) We walked, we talked, we ate, we laughed and we made memories that we will each recall for many years to come. Thanks gals for a great day!


Natasha said...

we want pictures!!

Chantelle said...

Nice to blog meet you too :) Who is your friend in Niger? Niamey is a small place and half our team works with the Fulani too! Thanks for the prayer support too!


Nichole said...

Actually, after I realized that the little train was the same train that we ride at Christmas, I figured out that I HAD ridden it before.

(You can't fault me. I'm a blonde. The decorations were gone and I didn't recognize it.)


Nichole said...

Oh, yeah... and by the way...

I think you misheard me. I didn't actually say "7:30am". I said "10:30am". You really need to work on your hearing.