Saturday, May 15, 2010

I blinked....

I remember this like it was yesterday.

And this like it were the day after.

And here we are today.

13 years of education in her back pocket = Graduation.

A day of dress up & of friends

A day of sunshine and smiles

A day of limo rides and photos

A day of dancing and remembering

A day to feel like a princess and celebrate

Today I blinked and days, moments, flashed before my eyes.

The day I held her for the very fist time

The day I dropped her at Kindergarten and cried

Days in the campground when she could not walk

Laughter and giggles

Slides and Swings

Days of dancing in sheer delight

The days they are a changing. Today marks the first graduation in our home, this is a big deal. It represents change, change as it is supposed to be. Right? Our goal as parents is to love nurture and teach our children how to sucessfully soar. To find their place in this world, to adventure on their own journey. True, but in that sucessfull soaring we will be left behind, and that makes me a little sad. I am excited for what the future may hold for my precious daughter. Travel, education, employment, Love... Today I am a very proud momma, and will celebrate and rejoice my daughter and her accomplishments. Marvel at how far she has come and the delightful young woman she is. Enjoy her friends the laughter and giggles. Tell her I love her give her a hug.

For tomorrow, I will blink yet again, and likely shed a few tears - but not today. Today is for fun & celebrating & in true family fashion a little bit of sillines.

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