Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog re-railed

My brain needs to catch up to my blog

My blog needs photos

My camera needs to pass along photos to my computer

My computer needs more memory

It is a vicious circle time, technology & memory like trains passing in the night = blog de-railed.

Brain... hmm is there any hope? I think it is more like my brain needs to slow down and decide what to blog. There are so many ideas, stories and antidotes I think about putting up, it just never happens.

Pictures, when I remember, to clear up the memory issues on the computer so there is room, there will be pictures!

Summer came, summer seems to be gone, summer was fun. Gone, gone , gone, the girls are back at school, well 2/3 are back at school. Ashlynn is looking for work. Dance has started. The routine of fall is upon us. School meetings, dance meetings, church meetings.. meetings of the great minds no worries I have not been invited to that one... see above sentance about memory. Enough said on that.

Summer highlight bullets....

*Selling KICS Lemonade at the Burnaby Farmers Market

*10 days on the Oregon coast.

*Blowing a glass float

*Camping with friends who had never camped.

* A freezer full of local raspberries, blackberries and blueberries


*Good books

*Great visits with good people

* A few good movies

* Iced Cinnamon Dolce Lattes.... I had the first hot one the other day. That is a sure sign that summer has drawn to an end.

Hopefully one day soon there will be photos, if I remember. Also I am working on another Idea for a blog, that will hopefully launch soon. (Scary, now that I have put that there I have got to get cracking.... )

Much more to come on that at a later date... not too much later.

Happy Wendy????

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