Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1st..... big changes in our house.

With the modern advancement of digital TV we are now living in the truly dark ages.  As of August 31st we no longer have ANY TV in our house.   Yes we still have the box, which will remain as a Movie viewer, but there is no longer any stations being fed into our home. It all happened before our very eyes, one minute we were watching something, the next we were watching snow fuzzies.... and so ends the era of our 2 free stations.  For our entire married life (coming up 24 years) we have only had cable for 18 months and only then because it was included in the rent.  I think that there were several months there where we did not have a viewing device either... so knock that down to about 12 months. Our first viewing device was a 13 inch black and white number complete with rabbit ears and get this.... manual controls.  Not a remote in sight, we actually had to get out of our chair to turn the dials.  Ah the good old days. 

We have survived, and will continue to survive I know that to some this would be suicide, but we will make the best of it until such a time we change our minds.  Or buy a TV that will give us a few free digital channels.
Thankfully we have just a few movies around when the mood stirkes.

Are we alone in this or are there others of you out there who are now the proud owners of a simple movie viewing device?

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