Friday, November 2, 2012


Happy Birthday Day

Days for Girls

(a day late, but you know what they say... better late than never)
I feel so blessed to be a part of such a great organization. 
Founded in 2008 Days for Girls has been changing the world one pair of panties at a time! 
  How is that possible?
Every Girl. Everywhere.
Days for Girls aim is to empower
girls and women worldwide
to have access to sustainable quality
feminine hygiene, health, education
and dignity ​ by 2022.
This is done by sending feminine hygiene kits to girls in developing countries.
Each kit contains
1 Pair of panties
2 shields
8 liners
face cloth
2 large Ziploc bags
(aka the world's smallest washing machines)
Instructions for use and care.
A bar of soap is also added when they reach their destination.
That one pair of panties included in the kit changes the girl's . . .INSTANTLY!
Imagine, not having to look through garbage heaps on the side of the road, using paper, leaves, dried animal dung, cardboard, old rags pretty much anything you can find to block or try to stop their periods.  Imagine not having the means to be able to purchase what was needed each month. Imagine going to the store and there is NOTHING on the shelves to be able to purchase even if you were able.  Imagine using anything absorbent that you happen to "find".  Imagine washing disposable products to try to be able to use them again.   Imagine.....   for 100's of 1000's of young women around the world they do not have to imagine, for this is their reality. 
To a woman in a developed nation any of the above scenarios seem unimaginable. We go to the store and face a wall of options, dozens of choices,  with applicator or with out, with wings without, heavy days, light days, thin pad, long liner, regular, ultra thin.... the list goes on. Then we have the audacity to get upset when the ONE style we prefer is out of stock.   Imagine life without those options.... 
If you can imagine even a portion of the struggles girls in developing nations face, then you can imagine the change a hygiene kit can make. In that instant, there is hope.  Hope opens doors.   
Based on a montly cycle lasting 7 days & each kit lasting aprox 3 years, each kit reclaims
 252 DAYS of living.
Days where they do not have to stay at home
Days where they can go to school
Days when they will not have to feel like they do not belong
Days they will be educated
Days that that they will be able to work
Days where they can support  their family
Days when they can participate in life!
252          DAYS
6048       Hours
362, 880      Minutes
21222800    Seconds
When she receives a kit she will no longer have to saty at home when her period arrives.  Education is possible,  an educated girl WILL change her world.

Imagine the possiblities..... 



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