Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Love this. . .

Love "mini grass daisies"
Love that they are in an egg cup sitting on my kitchen table.
Love that they were just waiting for me this morning.
Love that one of my girls thought to pick some for me.
Love that at 141/2 , 13 or 11 they still do this.
Love that I did not know which one picked them at first.
Love that when I took a photo, my oldest wondered why I would take a photo of her flowers.
Love that she just let on that it was her that picked them with out coming right out and saying so!
Love that when I told her that I was going to blog this she smiled!
Love this life!

1 comment:

marja said...

Beautiful post, Di. Like a poem. And mini grass daisies in an egg cup ARE poetic things, aren't they?