Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Conversations around here....

I have 3 teenage daughters, saying that conversation is stilted would be very much an understatement. Topics of discussion range from the very practical, to the very obscure then there is one like this one that happened on the way to church the other day....

S "I had a dream about the Jonas Brothers last night"

(that brought a few chuckles and a very loud groan - I may have 3 female teens in the house, but Jonas Fever never really hit. and in one case there is a severe dislike of most things Jonas. They are deemed to be a LG band, and those who go all goo goo need their heads examined)

S "Yup they were knocking at the door then came in the house for a visit, we were all just sort of hanging out."

A "Eww.. where was I"

S "Hiding in your room"

A "Good"

T " Kind of random S, where did that come from..."

S "Don't know - it did seem a little odd"

T "Yup.. weird, so what else happened"
(there was a little more random back and forth... then...)
S " I do not remember that much more, but it went on for a bit...."

R " Ya S what happened.... "

(A little bit of silence......)
Then my straight faced, often quite, rarely sarcastic, husband out of the blue, pops out with....

"Really S what happened... or is it private..."

At which point we all erupted in gales of laughter..... and there were more groans and eww's and gross Daddy's coming from the back of the van.

Yup those are the kind of random conversations that happen around here all the time. 'Gotta love it.
I would not change a thing.
I am thankful that we can laugh together (not at each other but WITH each other)
I am glad for time in the van where conversation flows, however odd it can be at times.

This is one of the reasons I continue to pick up the girls after school. Sure they are old enough to make their way home, and that happens on occasion. However it is those few min in the van each day where I hear about what is happening at school, who likes who, who is partying too hard, who's parents are around or not, what happened in class, what homework needs to be done, who gives too much homework, who visited the liaison officer, the office, the counsellor. it is how I stay in the loop, and in high school that is much harder to do. I know that one day it will all come to an end.. all too soon I might add. So for now, I drive back and forth, and enjoy those moments each day and hide them in my heart. It is a rare treasure I would not trade.

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