Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bad blogger...

Or maybe I should say distracted blogger....

Life distractions -Coming up to the end of the school year, dance year.  Spring cleaning.. or at least thinking about it, patio reno, gardening when the weather is co-operating.  I have been working for a few weeks, that is about to end (that was the plan from the beginning so no worries there) Doctors visits - I have 3 active teens - this too shall pass, for now it seems the norm. Hubby was away for a week, I am looking seriously at a trip to Africa in a few months, friends in crisis, family and friends coming in and out of town.... Canada day is coming.... just a few distractions!

Blog distractions - I have been blogging here http://kicslemonade.blogspot.com/ It is market season again.  This is a friends company, seriously the best lemonade!  She asked for some marketing help so I am helping, as well as doing the Saturday Farmers Market in Burnaby every other week.

I have also been blogging here http://frugal-is-not-a-dirty-word.blogspot.com/ - This one is my baby, couponing has become a hobby of sorts.  With the added benefit of saving us money,  it has been a huge blessing in our lives.  Not working full time I look for ways to cut corners and save some moula - this is one of the great ways I have managed to do so.

All of these things add up to not too much action here.  I have plans to change that, it is not like I do not have things I want to write, I just find it hard to find the time.  Next week when I am done work for now... then I will get my act together.  I especially want to talk about Africa!  SOOOOOO EXCITED!

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