Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Work continued, holidays happened.....

A few days of work turned into a few more, then those few more turned into a few more, it's all good.   I am certainly grateful as Summer is the perfect time for me to pick up some work.  No worries about calls from school needing me to be there ASAP to pick up, take home or to doctors.  It's all good, BUT blogging gets sidetracked, life happens  and is happening there is much to tell but time seems to be at a premium.  I miss writing, I miss blogging.  My mind still runs a mile a minute with TONS of ideas to blog about, I just never get here to put it down. 

So here is a nutshell version of the past few months...

June - Final Dance show of the year (Ashlynn's final dance show ever = a little sadness), school is out,  July 1st Canada day celebration fast approaching, worked for a few days. Burnaby Farmers market starts, I sell KICS Lemonade, a few Saturdays.  Got several shots in prep for Africa - reacted mildly,no surprise there, recovered, all is good. June flies by.

July - July 1st = Canada day celebration at Church = crazy insane time at our house for a few days.  Worked some more, holidays come . . .
6 days spent with friends at their cottage at Shushwap lake = fun despite the lousy weather.  We love spending time at the lake.  We taught a few new games and played many rounds. Read lots, watched a few movies and did not let the lack of sunshine ruin the fun. Laughs, movies bad weather does not hinder our fun, only the swimming.  My new swim suit did not get used.   The up side of rainy weather = AMAZING rainbow.  Sadly I was in the car at the time and my camera was back at the cottage, but you can trust me it was totally AMAZING, stretching from one side of the lake to the other in a vibrant colourful double arch.  Spectacular!
Home for about 24 hours to do laundry and re-pack then pack the car, add a tent and a few other supplies and we are off for another 5 days.  Creationfest Northwest 2011 here we come.  Please God no rain.... it rained the first night AFTER we set up our tent and had it well tarped - this I can handle.  The next day was slightly sprinkley then the sun burst out and shone for the rest of the festival.  Perfect!  Now we are back home, I am back at work, will be back at the Farmers Market this weekend, and life feels busy.  I feel like I need another vacation and I have only been back for 2 days.  July seems to have flown by as well. 

My grandma was so right when she said, time flies faster when you get older.  I knew she was one smart cookie! 

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