Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dear Niger....

Oh how you are ingrained into my heart. I left your sandy roads three weeks ago tomorrow, and every day since have thought of you. I have tried to process my visit, to figure out  how to share, what to say, what to show. You are so different from home, from all things familiar. How do I explain, how my time with you changed me, how deep the impression you made on my heart.  I have been at a loss for words, but yet know I have to come up with some, then it hit me, words.  
2 or 3 days after I was home a friend asked me for one word to sum up my experience and I came up with HUMBLING.  So why not one word to match one experience, that will work. Over the next few days I will do just that, match one word with one experience.

FUN  relaxing  creative   FRUSTRATING
Humorous   startling   Rewarding
sights sounds   

one thing for sure it was all uniquely African! Niger, I will ever be thankful for our time together and I look forward to the next time. Thank you for sharing yourself, each and every experience, but most of all thank you for sharing your people, they are forever and always in my heart.

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