Friday, February 10, 2012

The imagination gift.

"Di where do you buy imagination?"
      "Hmm, Miss B you to not buy imagination, it's a gift."
"Oh, but I want to buy some more."
      "Sorry babe, you just can not... but you can make the most of the imagination that you already have"
"But how do I get more then?"
        "God gives you more when you use what you have, why don't you go play with the doll people""
"Sure o.k.  I am going to make them buy some imagination, just pretend o.k."
     " You do that..."

This girl makes me smile. I love these short conversations with the 3 year old I look after part time.  One can learn so much if you just  listen.   Things we loose as we grow up, imagination, and the willingness to try most things without worry about what others think.  Imagination, creativity, acceptance and love are all so pure when looking through the eyes of childhood.  Growing up is so over rated, we loose so much of what makes this world so good.

I am certainly not saying I want to go back, because certain things about childhood, those things that rob us of that purity and acceptance are not something I would ever want to relive.  I am thankful for my child hood, all the ups and downs that made it the ride that it was, for it is that ride that made me the woman I am today.   

The sweet imagination of a child, it truly is a gift.  One that should be nurtured and encouraged, one that I truly enjoy watching in full swing. Boxes that become stoves, trains, drums, fireman hats and who knows what next just let your imagination be your guide.

Have fun and use your imagination today....

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