Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sometimes it really is the little things in life....

So, O.K.  I confess, I love Pizza!  I know in terms of health benefits it is not the healthiest choice, but, well if the US congress  can justify pizza sauce as a vegetable, hen really can it be that bad for you?   Mocking aside, I love pizza in almost any form.  My Grandma used to make a fruit pizza that was yummy for sure.  I have a recipe for chocolate pizza that is fun and easy and also yummy, however my fave is still the standard thick crust, tomato sauce variety.  Oh the topping combinations are endless, so really it is never the same pie twice. 
Until it comes to left overs, it may be the same pie, but it is never quite the same the second day. That was until today, no more microwave reheat for me, and putting it in the oven always takes too long.  Well low and behold, you can get crispy, right out of the pizza oven goodness, from your fry pan.  Thanks to Pinterest, for the awesome hint.  
Dry frying pan, medium heat, pizza, covered for 3 - 5 min = glorious crispy crust and ooey, gooey cheesy goodness on top.  Pizza left overs will never be the same again. 
Now the question is, do I share this with my family (who I know do not read here)  or just let them figure it out for themselves and leave more left overs for me. 

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